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Becoming Noah Baxter

Becoming Noah Baxter - J.M. Sevilla 2 stars *Spoilers Ahead*
I think I have let enough time go so I can now articulate why after loving the first one, this one was such a disappointment. In a word: Lily. (isn't it always these female main characters that do me in or what?)
She changed. A lot. And its not necessarily bad. She went from being a doormat to being somewhat strong, though still completely dependent on Jay for her happiness, but I let that go cuz...you know...love or something. The thing with her and Naomi was...odd at best. I was truly pissed at Naomi, but then it turned into a fucking Hallmark card. With Stevie too, but I was willing to overlook that because...you know...she was in love or something. But it was like, is the author trying to convince me that Lily is the greatest thing since sliced bread by this bizarre exchange that sounds scripted. Cuz...uh...I wasn't buying it.
Another source of disappointment was the thing with The Marker. Dude! I spent 176% of two books waiting for this moment and he kills himself?! But perhaps I am too bloodthirsty. It could be me, it totally could. I was glad that Jay had those reflective thoughts at that time...it was the most honest and most Jay-like moment for him in this book, I think.
I didn't like the change in Jay either.
Again...I recognize that this is probably a me thing, but in the first one when we meet Jay and he's closed off and rude and dangerous and kind of scary, but we see his soft spot for Lily and we feel his inner turmoil at this Marker thing and we see and feel him struggle between what he feels for Lily and what he feels he must do. I loved that Jay. This one was...too...soft. :(
The lack of action was a killer, too. The first one was all confrontations and attacks and kidnappings and car chasing and killing people. This one? Riding the elevator of the fucking bank! I mean...there were what? 2 action scenes?
Arianna....I don't have anything to say.
The sex...hm...while int he first one he did that thing that was a little BMK (beyond my kink), I liked it. This one...it was like what they did was hot, if they would only SHUT UP! I mean...they said strange things to each other...things that ruined it for me.
Sigh...I know I am in the minority here and I'm happy for those that enjoyed it. I only wish I had...