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Never Cry Wolf

Never Cry Wolf - Cynthia Eden I don't know. I liked it, okay? I really did, but well, this is the 4th one in the series and I haven't read any of the others and I got really confused with some of the people, and I got lost in some of the betrayal and understanding people's reactions.
Having said that, I liked the characters--most of them, Lucas was awesome, Jordan was great, Dane seems significantly haunted, Piers has some problems, love them all.
Our girl Sarah pissed me off for a good portion of the book. She was a liar. she knew this. She kept telling me what a liar and betrayer she was. She told me not to trust her. So guess what? I didn't. And neither did anyone else. And guess what? She had the audacity to get pissed. I mean, why do liars act all indignant when people don't trust them?
Anyhoosals, once we got over that, it was better, but then I got confused again (though that may be my fault as I did not start at the beginning of the series).
I am interested enough in the other characters to want to read on and find out what happens, especially with Jordan and Dane.
The sex was okay...not super hot and oftentimes it was at an awkward time I thought.
Overall, I enjoyed. I've read other Cynthia Eden novels and enjoyed, I will continue to read from this author.