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The Tin Star

The Tin Star - J.L. Langley 2.5 in actuality...I don't know. I know everybody else loved this and I'm really glad, but it just didn't really do it for me. It held my interest enough that I finished it, but I wasn't really blown away or heavily invested in the characters.
I liked the characters mostly which exception of obviously the homophobic bastards.
There was hotness which I appreciated (whoo-hoo for fantasy-in-the-shower-masturbation!) But even the sex was mostly not earth shattering, even when it should have been hello?! first time topping! that's kind of a big deal, yeah? Even the first sex experience was kind of like...really? I don't know, I like details.
I know I have a problem with ellipses... I know, okay? I can't help it! And the same obsession I have with my ellipses, this author has with the exclamation marks. I'm not judging! I'm just sharing that.
I did like Ethan and Jamie, and John and even Jules. There were some really sweet moments in there. The storyline wasn't bad or anything, it just...I don't know, didn't really do it for me.
I would read more from this author and as I am in the minority here, don't take my word for it and not read it...I seemed to be one of very few that didn't 4 or 5 star this.