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The Ways of the Dead: A Novel

The Ways of the Dead: A Novel - Neely Tucker 5 stars Wow.
*I won this novel through Goodreads First Reads*
I'm not entirely sure what to say. I think my first thought after finishing was Fuck. There was so much I didn't see coming, things I thought I got or understood, but I was wrong. Several twists, i loved the feel of it unraveling, of discovering with Sully.
I won't do this book justice, I'm just not articulate enough, but the it was fantastic. The writing was exceptional. It felt...real. The characters, the city, the streets, everything was vivid and clear. Tension, heartbreak, disgust, irritation, loneliness, the unease, anger--I felt it all.

I would highly recommend this to everyone that enjoys the crime/mystery/suspense genre. I will read anything Neely Tucker writes. Tucker will be auto-buy for me.