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Red Dirt Heart

Red Dirt Heart - N.R. Walker 4.5 stars
I super loved this. It was a pretty quick read, or at least it went by quickly for me. Travis was an exceptional character, just honest and kind of in your face blunt and I LOVE that. He was fun and sweet and hot.
Charlie...oh Charlie, how I love thee. He was fantastic as well. Resigned to loneliness and running the land he loves he has kind of forgotten about himself and Travis comes and wakes him up. His interactions with George and Ma were so sweet and he was such a good guy, hard working and always up to help out. The thing between him and his dad was just heartbreaking and I had a tear or two a few times.
The chapter titles were awesome. Some make me giggle, some prepped me for hurt.
N.R. Walker is fantastic and I will of course continue to read from this author and would recommend this book.