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Abel (Shattered)

Abel (Shattered) - C.J. Bishop 3.5 on this one I think...this whole series was so emotional and poor Abel just could not catch a break. I felt so badly for him.
It was awesome to watch the evolution of Cole and Gabe, to see little things with Max and Kaplan. I have read ahead a bit so I know I do end up liking Kaplan, but I have to be honest, I did not care for him at all in these books, but he gets better.
Poor Devlin as well, though he really hurt me by reacting the way he did last time.
I think this wasn't as gripping as the first one and there were times with the sightseeing that I was just kind of bored, there were so many other ways that time could have been used, but overall I really enjoyed Abel's story and will keep reading into Caleb's now.