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Devlin and Garrick

Devlin and Garrick - Cameron Dane I think I'm going 3 stars on this one...I really enjoyed the first one a lot more...I did like Devlin and Garrick but there were just some things about this one that rubbed me wrong or something. I liked the overall idea of finding each other again and working through the lies/misunderstandings, etc.
There were a few word fouls: mating (ugh!), prick...:(, beautiful...by the 6th time he'd said in 5 minutes I wanted to gag (maybe I'm not romantic?) and sometimes the dialogue didn't seem quite right, more how people write and less how people talk.
But I did enjoy it. Dane always writes some crazy hot sex and there was a TON of it in this book. Like...tons. Lots of switching back and forth between past and present, which was fine.
Like seeing the side characters, waiting for Maddie and Wyn's story...come on now!
Overall I enjoyed and will read more from this author.