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Gasp! - Z.A. Maxfield this is a hard one to rate for me
There were things I really liked, things that drove me a bit nuts and things that dragged.
I liked the characters, except for Dee--I know I know...throw tomatoes at me if you will, I don't like her.
Nigel, well he was appalling at first and frustratingly selfish at random points throughout the book, but overall, he did in fact grow on me and have some genuinely beautiful moments in this.
Jeff...love a soldier so obviously he was my favorite. I felt most connected with him, he was the most relatable.
I liked that there were genuine relationship issues, they each have their own individual issues as well, but the relationship stuff was...reasonable. Nigel is famous and has a certain personality that needs or craves or enjoys the parties, dancing all night, do whatever stuff and Jeff just isn't feeling it. Jeff doesn't want to be in a relationship where he feels like he's tagging along, not contributing, so I liked this.
There were times when I wanted to just slap the shit out of both of them. There were times when I thought...uh...that should be the end.
The last few chapters in this, especially Nigel in concert--gah! beautiful!
Overall, I enjoyed it and will continue to read more from this author.