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Champion - Jet Mykles 3.5 stars

I have been in a kind of book slump lately, this is the second Jet Mykles book in a row that has kind of been a little off for me, though I enjoyed this one significantly better than [b:Just For You|6871245|Just For You|Jet Mykles|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1253032402s/6871245.jpg|7087513]
I think my biggest issue with this one was Cash. While I understand the difference between a genuine lack of understanding or knowledge and someone trying to offend others, I was offended for several other characters it seemed. and I felt like we never really got what his damn problem was...inexperience aside, he was just a little too...something.
Oh...and then there's the whole I'm a virgin, only been kissed twice, I'm not gay, but let's go all the way--In one night! thing. Which is fine, I guess, but I like build up.
It would have been nice to be privy to some of their conversations, we miss out on a lot I think, although we are told they don't see each other much, for days sometimes, I wonder how easy it is to fall in love with someone you aren't really around.
I liked Danny, even when he was pushy. He wasn't my favorite character ever, oh! and it was great to see the Heaven Sent guys! Love that series!!
Overall it was a fairly quick read, with some hotness and some sweetness. 3.5 stars