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Fighting to Forget

Fighting to Forget - J.B. Salsbury 2 All-for-Rex-and-My-Reoccurring-Secondary-Characters.
Spoilers...and Ranting
Damn...this was well and truly painful for me. I enjoyed the other two books in this series and I do absolutely LOVE Rex, but Gia/Mac completely RUINED this story for me.
She...she...*sputters* ruined it!
She lied and withheld and manipulated and then when shit blew up in her face--like I told her it would she took off and became a drug addicted prostitute!

And Rex feels guilty!?!?! WTF?!? Look...the history they had was tragic and heartbreaking and disgusting and I hurt for them...for them both, but Mac/Gia may very well be the most disappointing character I've ever read, she could have been great, their story could have been painful and tragic and angsty but beautiful and not cause for me to scream and want to strangle this stupid fictional trollop!
Okay...I'm calm.Rex was great. Loved being in his head, his pain was so tangible and I was totally feeling him. This story would have been perfection without Gia/Mac...
Well...except for Emma..I don't know...tons of people loved this book and I'm glad for them as I have really enjoyed the series so far and I will read the next one, but damn...this one let me down.