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The Will

The Will - Kristen Ashley 4 solid stars
I haven't read a KA book in a while. I was a little afraid honestly, but I thoroughly enjoyed this. I wasn't a huge Josie fan at first, and holy hell I could absolutely not care any less about fashion, so the blocks of describing outfits and shoes and make up kinda made me want to blow my brains out, but anyways.
Josie did grow on me. Was her speech odd? Yes. But...I didn't care, she irritated me here and there, but overall I liked her. But damn did that girl have been climbing out the damn woodwork!
Jake was awesome, as all of KA's alpha males are, but alas...they are not quite...different enough from one another, so he wasn't the most original character, but I loved him.
There are always excellent secondary characters in KA's books, and we only ever get a little taste--tease really--of what is going on with them or might have happened...so looking forward to getting their stories as well.