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Lead - Kylie Scott 4.5 stars
"I've got to say, diving head first beneath a girl's skirt is an excellent method of avoiding her mouth. Full marks, Jimmy, that's a genius plan."
I loved Jimmy...even when he was pissing me off or making me cry (twice! damn him!) I still loved him. He's not Mal, but let's face it, I don't think anyone can ever live up to that. The best thing about Jimmy, aside from his god-like tongue, was the little things he would do for Lena. I mean, the chocolate pie?! I couldn't even.
There were things about this story that bothered me, though. I will say...I'm not going to spoil anything but everyone should read the book, but I will say...I didn't disagree with Tom. There. I said it.
I liked Lena. she was funny
"I'm pretty damn sure Dante meant to make weddings one of the levels of hell and just forgot." and sweet and she gave as good as she got...most of the time. I did take issue with her in a place or two, but overall Kylie Scott writes kick-ass females!

Best 3 lines: "Look, the truth is, I'm all about you, Lena. you're my best friend. You're my girl."

It was good to see the other characters as well...something about David didn't snag me in the first one honestly, but he is steadily growing on me.

Can't wait for the next one and given the ending of this one...it should be quite interesting!