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No Distance Left to Run

No Distance Left to Run - L.A. Witt, Aleksandr Voinov 4 stars.
Wow...this book hurt.
I didn't read the blurb, L.A. Witt is something of an auto-buy for me, so I wasn't prepared for the whole religious aspect of it. I really prefer not to read anything with any religious affiliation because people can be just so damn awful to each other and say they're doing it for religion. THis was less about God, though and more about how people acted. I just don't have patience for parents that don't love their children, either. Ugh...I pretty much wanted to erase these parents, they were the worst!
L.A. Witt writes some truly hot stuff--oh man, the uniform and knife--dude, I may have a uniform fetish now! But as hot as those first few scenes were, it morphed into something much more than just kinky hot sex--there was some intense emotion there and some real need.
Chris was a great character, even when everyone around him was awful, he was still looking out for Julien and doing what was right for him.
I liked Julien a lot as well. I felt for him. He gained so much strength from Chris and it was great to see that, even when my heart was breaking.
We didn't get much of the guys from the other stories--only Kiernan and Liam for a hot second, but that was okay.
Plenty of characters pissed me off and I spent a good deal of time either wanting to hurt someone or cringing or just wishing these people away. Having said that, I did like the story, even when it hurt. I was rooting for my guys.
Will of course read more from this author.