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Camp Hell

Camp Hell - Jordan Castillo Price 5 stars...this series just gets better and better.
Jacob, I've already apologized to you. I am sorry, you know I have trust issues.
Vic is fantastically fantastic. Just love him.
Crash has grown on me significantly.
This one has some super hot moments, two really...holy crap the kitchen! Wow *fans self*
Things between Vic and Jacob have been somewhat strained and there are issues of--not trust as much as just being open--(they are different things!), I think. I was happy to see how that played out in this one, makes the relationship seem more realistic, if somewhat frustrating at times. Vic had a lot going on, with his partner and work, and the FPMP, Jacob and the whole thing with Stefan. I gotta tell you, I wasn't real excited about meeting him. There were times when I wished the "memories/flashbacks" were...different, but maybe that's not fair. I think it was handled well and it didn't make me feel icky or anything.
Lots going on, not sure who to trust or what's going on. Jacob got some good news, and that turned into something pretty cool. The ending was pure perfection.
Overall, loved it! Will of course continue with this series.