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CALEB 1: When World's Collide

CALEB 1: When World's Collide - C.J. Bishop 3.5
I like these stories, I didn't like this one like I did Abel-or it took me longer to get into Caleb anyway.
There are things about this story that drove me nuts--(Marco! don't read it okay?! Just a friendly suggestion) the insta-love was like "Woah!" And what's with all the unprotected unlubricated sex with stranger stuff?

I did have a moment of "please God no!" But then Dane came through for me but...(seriously Marco, DON'T)
But there are things I love about these stories, I love that we get to see what is going on in the lives of not only the MCs but of several characters, I love those glimpses of vulnerability, moments of friendship and honest-to-god genuine care they cane show for each other ( I am referring to the club brotherhood)
There is hotness, though it gets repetitive, and some sweetness in there. I will read the next one, but I think Abel is still coming out on top of this one.