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Wood, Screws, & Nails

Wood, Screws, & Nails - Piper Vaughn, Kade Boehme A solid four star read, I think. I enjoyed this story, aside from Julian...I have a thing about bratty immature entitled kids...I hate them...so for majority of this book, I was trying to find a unique ways to off this kid.
Anyway...I enjoyed Malachi and Aaron, and I appreciated that I got to see from each of their perspectives, their struggle with what they were feeling, what they thought they should do versus how they felt. We did get a bit of slow burn...it wasn't quite enough for me, but it worked overall.
There were some serious moments of hotness!

I loved Malachi's family! His mama was awesome!
Julian... he did redeem himself...but dude, in the future, don't be such an immature douche.
Would recommend, and I will read more from this author.