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Without Reservations

Without Reservations - J.L. Langley 3.5 stars
Nothing earth-shattering or terribly deep in this, but it was cute and enjoyable. There were some "aw" moments--I love Pita...I want a puppy now, but there were some moments that were almost too sweet for me, but overall, cute.
I liked that we didn't have to sit through Chay agonizing over what to do since he "wasn't gay", he wanted Bit and that was that.
I liked the characters that weren't douche-bags and I managed to forgive a few that were.
I was disappointed in the ending, I think...I didn't want it wrap up so quickly or neatly or ...for it to be who/what it was.
I am interested to see what happens with Jake and Remi...so I'll pick up the next one
Tons of sex people, jeesh, I was exhausted.
I would recommend for fans of shifter stories.