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The Death Cure

The Death Cure - James Dashner 4 stars
I enjoyed this last installment, though I gotta be honest...there were a few things that still could have been cleared up for me.
I have to say, Newt...oh man...just loved him and man...this story hurt my heart a few times. I was definitely anxious. Minho...loved him as well, he stayed very consistent throughout the series.
Teresa...ugh...I kinda hated her, but suppose she was necessary? I put a question mark because I'm not convinced she was necessary, but I hate her so that may just be my bias speaking.
Brenda and Jorge, I was glad to see them again.
There are some definite WTF moments, and its hard to trust anyone or to even know what the best thing to do would be. I think I felt more in this one than I did the second, but I don't know if I liked it as much as the first.
Overall, I enjoyed the series.