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More - Sloan Parker 3 stars

Thank you very much Heather!!

I liked our characters, though I almost felt like I didn't really know Richard and I'm not entirely sure why that is.
I liked Matthew...but he was just too...perfect or something, even that one time he got upset, he was just always saying the absolute sweetest thing and had some kind of crazy sexual energy about him.
Luke felt the most real, maybe its because we got his POV, or maybe its because he had issues and was awkward and didn't know what to say and had his own WTF moments and thats just a little more realistic.
Overall, I enjoy M/M/M stories if well done and there wasn't the crazy jealously, so I liked that.
The thing with Luke's dad was just...I don't even know what to say about it. Crazy doesn't seem to quite cover it.
There was a ton of sex...like a ton...but even though they were having sex like every other page, I wasn't really feeling it, there was only a moment or two where I was like "woah" and other than that it was more of a ..."ok" feeling about it. And while I understand that sex is used to express feelings of course or that you just don't know what to do and you don't want to think so you just bang the hell outta someone, after a while I was like...guys...maybe a conversation or something would be good? I don't know. Overall, I did like it, but it wasn't earth shattering for me.