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Primal Passions

Primal Passions - Stephani Hecht I'm going 3 stars. Shifter books aren't really my thing, but in the scheme of things this was okay. Nothing particularly original or earth-shattering, but I enjoyed some of the secondary characters and its always nice to know that their stories are going to be developed as well and seeing little glimpses of things to come.
I liked Jacyn, I did...but the insta-love was too..."insta" I mean...I was going, wow, that must have been one hell of a blow job because you've known him about 4.5 seconds. But, that's whatever. I think as far as how things played out if it had been a little longer so things could have slowed down just a little bit, I would have added another star, because I did like the story and it had a kind of "Midnight Breed" feel to it with it as far as the good vs. evil, their little bat cave and relationships maintained at the compound. Overall, it was a quick read, a little hotness and plenty of potential to continue with other characters.

Would read more from this author.