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The Gentleman and the Rogue

The Gentleman and the Rogue - Bonnie Dee, Summer Devon BR with Julie and Elsbeth!!

I'm not sure...
We had a blast watching Julie finding the parallels to Pretty Woman in here.
Part of my issue with this book was the language, not necessary the whole cockney thing, but more like the historical part...the word "bugger" makes me want to stab something.
"So what if Sir Bumbuggerer never buggered his bum again." kill, kill, kill!
I was not a fan of the thought of "wondering what it would be like to play the female role" in reference to bottoming. And this almost seemed like an out of character thought. There was some self-loathing there in the beginning as well.
"...but accepting that he liked cock might go some way toward helping Lord Melancholy climb out of his black mood."
And it seemed while guilt lessened, I still had to listen to Alan talk about his "perversion" ...ugh...
And just the historical part in general can be so hard.
I did like Jem...well, really I kind of loved him.

Jem was adorable and clever and exactly what Alan needed. After that initial encounter he just was who he was when he was with Alan. He said what he thought, and wouldn't hear of pity for his situation and didn't try and hide anything. I loved that about him. I'm glad he spoke up often, Alan needed him to push and it made for some cute moments. He was very insightful really and in tuned with Alan and had a way of putting thing out there that others wouldn't have dared, but he didn't care. He was mostly happy and sometimes silly, but all the stars go to him, I think. He did things that kinda bothered me, but not in a terrible way more like I'm going

But he was sweet and had a good heart.

Alan was tougher for me. I understand and appreciate his situation, i really do and I get that he was traumatized, I really do...but he bothered me on several occasions. His mood swings were just too. And maybe for everyone else its not a big thing, but I just felt like one second he's happy, things are good, then he's angry and idk...
I think Jem sums it up at one point "Now he slouched in brooding silence. Good God, was he turning into Alan?"
I understand the situation and him hiring Jem wasn't a bad thing, but I felt like too often he was reminding Jem or thinking to himself that Jem was beneath him, or reminding him of his "place" .
"Who was this common whore to disrespect his betters and to jeer at an offer of honest work." vomit

I'm gonna just go ahead and say that I don't think "erect whang" sounds very historical but what do I know

And perhaps I'm showing my age here and the general lack of intelligence in American television, but "bunghole"???
All I could think was [SHOW SPOILER] Not an actual spoiler

Although I did take issue with a lot of things, there was stuff I really liked, too. Mostly coming from Jem, but occasionally Alan would surprise me as well.

"Though truth is, he's better 'n fine at the moment. Truth is, he'd stay right here forever if he could."

My other issue with this book, was it took a few turns. I was not at all prepared for these. The first one scared me pretty good, really.
Schivvers is a cross between


I was not really ready for this part. At all. If you want to know the level of torture click the spoiler cuts-though some deep, and threats

The second turn I wasn't expecting was with Annie. And this is gonna sound hella bitchy on my part, but I can't help it. Normally, kids in my books don't bother me, as long as they aren't props, I'm not bothered at all. I often see them being used as a way to show the growth of a family or a change in a character or to give another character insight into what the future with that person might hold, etc. This might have been the first time I felt it took away from the story. Don't get me wrong, adore Annie, want good things for the kid and it was very sad watching all of that...but I didn't feel like it...it was like I was suddenly reading a different story, that's the best way I can explain it. I wish we'd had more of Badgeman at times, if for no other reason than I liked the way Jem felt about him.

Part of me wants to half it and just do 2.5 stars, but I think I'm gonna just go three stars, parts of this I loved, parts I could have done without, the turns, while not bad turns, just took me out of the story a bit, almost like there was no consistent vibe going. I don't know.
I wouldn't discourage anyone from reading, but I wouldn't recommend to anyone specifically either.
I know Nick and Mishyjo loved it and Nick has a nice review on GR.