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Guns n' Boys Season 1 Episode 1

Guns n' Boys Season 1 Episode 1 - K.A. Merikan I do not want to rate this because I did not like it. At all and I hate writing bad reviews. I don't want to be unfair to the authors or anything.
This just was not for me
It wasn't the incest thing (which seemed to like not be a problem for anyone?)
I just flat out did not like these guys.
I will admit there was a moment or two, literally, like two moments where things kind of softened and I almost had an emotion towards them that wasn't homicidal but...I just couldn't. The sex was...ugh, not for me.
I just didn't like these guys. And yes there were some outside forces, I'm not saying I didn't understand them at times, but overall, I just could not muster any emotional for them that wasn't violent.
The subject matter isn't my favorite, but ya know, I've read some books with unfavorable characters and still rooted for them, but I just couldn't.
****Most people I know absolutely loved this, so this is totally (probably) a case of its just me!***
I will say kudos for adding Silvio from Dark Soul--which I did like!

Warning tags: Dom and Seth are half brothers--so incest
there is a little action with three guys in one scene