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Merrick - Claire Cray 3.5 stars
I really enjoyed this. No, it wasn't anything earth-shattering, but I did like it. Usually I am disappointed in stories that are only from one character's pov, but I wasn't bothered this time. I enjoyed William. At times I was reminded of his youth, and he did spend quite a bit of time in the beginning worrying over how he was feeling...but perhaps I'm being unfair in thinking he should have gotten over that quicker.
Did anyone else picture Merrick like this?

I think Merrick was great, it would have been nice to get his side of things, but I think that part of the appeal was the not knowing, letting it unfold, seeing how things developed and then as more is revealed, determining if it changes things.
This was fairly mild as far as the intimacy goes, but I didn't mind. That one bath scenes was ...

even though it didn't go how I wanted, it was still hot...and sweet...and important.

Overall, I thought it was cute and I enjoyed the writing style and the characters, even though I woulda smacked the shit out of Theo...anyhoo, would read more from this author.