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Take - Ella Frank 4.5 stars
Honestly...its so much better than Try it doesn't even seem like a sequel, Tate and Logan feel like completely different people than they did in the first.
This was hot...so hot...way hotter than the first one...like can't-wait-to-get-home hot (and in some cases they don't!)

Man do I love when Tate gets bossy!
But it wasn't just hot...it was intense...and emotional in a way that the first one was completely lacking. It didn't feel like just sex this time around. There was a lot for Tate to deal with and I felt so badly for him...bad parents suck...unforgivable to put conditions on loving your child.
Logan was much more human. In Try he was such an arrogant fluff-all-i-care-about-is-fuckin'-and-i-don't-care-who, I couldn't stand him. He had to deal with some things in this as well, and he found that maturity, that understanding and humanity that he was previously missing.
I loved them together. I highlighted so many quotes and passages, I can't even choose one or two to use here.
They were perfect together. Braver. Honest. Scared but still willing to try.

I know Try was hard for a lot of people to get into, especially the more hardcore M/M fans, but honestly I think this one should be read even if you couldn't get through the first one.
Definitely worth the read.
Loved it.