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The Mating of Michael

The Mating of Michael - Eli Easton BR with Julie
This was on my TBR forever, so thank you guys for gushing and Julie for letting me tag along because I effin LOVED it.

The writing was wonderful, and the story within the story
I want Lamb! I want Sentimental Cyanide! Give it! *Grabby Hands*

Michael was such a doll. So sweet, so genuinely good-hearted and affectionate and loving.
"...who must have been given special programming because he loves more generously than any other human being I know."

I loved All the side characters
Except for Devon...WitAF, dude?

So many wonderful souls. They weren't just flat side characters, which I really appreciated. They were important to Michael, dynamic and complex and they felt real to me. They broke my heart, gave me hope, lifted me up and they each loved Michael. The way they saw him gave us even more insight into just how wonderful he really is.

James. I loved him too. He broke my heart a little, and then he punched me in the gut, the bastard, but I was with him. I understood him. There is no contrived angst here. The story and emotions were beautifully done.

favorite quote-besides the dedication to Sentimental Cyanide: "There was nothing worse than being rejected for who you really were."

Lovely lovely story.
Highly Recommend!