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Double Alchemy

Double Alchemy - Susan Mac Nicol Somewhere in the 3.5-4 star range. I'm not really sure. I enjoy paranormal books and I enjoyed that aspect of this book, I think it took me a little while to get into that part of it. In the beginning when Quinn is explaining things to Cade I wasn't really feeling it. It got better for me, though, once the other characters were introduced and things were happening instead of Quinn just explaining.
There was some serious hotness in there as well, I mean, I was scouring google for an image of a cock tied in a green bow!
There were times when I felt things didn't quite flow right, but overall I liked the writing style. I didn't highlight any particular parts, but things would be intense and then a light memory would be described, or things would be crazy and then they're off to have sex, which is fine...but like I said, sometimes the flow wasn't quite right.
The insta-love thing is not my favorite, but it was explained and so I got over it pretty quickly.
Taleisin...I wanted to simultaneously kick his ass and give him a medal. I enjoyed Quinn, but he pissed me off on several occasions. He has a lot of responsibility and a lot of secrets and he wanted Cade to just take too much on faith and I felt badly for Cade because Quinn was so closed off how could he not question the relationship.
The bad guy...was bad. I find while reading I am really quite bloodthirsty.
I enjoyed our secondary characters--Percy (did his last name change in the middle of the story?) and Jomo--who I wished we got a little more of honestly.
There are several things that were left unresolved, and I will be reading the next one.