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Bound by Love

Bound by Love - T.A. Chase Gah! I wish this had been longer, because it could have been so much more! I did like it, I liked the characters and what was going on with each of them, but everything just moved too fast, I just...I didn't get out of it what I really wanted.
The BDSM in this book is pretty light, only one scene that was fairly intense, which worked for me because I'm not a big fan of it.
I'm going to get spoilery now
I wanted there to be some tension between Ren and Tyler, but there wasn't. It was like after they first saw each other, Bam! togetherness. It wasn't an insta-love situation, which was nice. There were some time gaps. I'm reading and suddenly they're saying its been a few months and I was like, really? But that was okay.
I really wanted to get to know Ren's brother's better. There is so much to them, and to Ren too that we just didn't get.
Ren's father was great. Honestly, loved him. His brother--a prick.
Overall, I liked it but with the potential it had I just felt it fell a little short. I have read from T.A. Chase before and will continue to do so.