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The Pillar

The Pillar - Kim Fielding BR 3/1 with Elsbeth, Julie, Marcie, Marte, and Marco--Loved reading it with you guys!

Marco hit the nail on the head, so I would recommend checking out his review.
I'm basically just going to highlight some of my favorite lines...there were too many to put in here, but the writing is just so good, I'm gonna post a few.

"Soldier, slave, thief, healer. Just words."
So much beauty in the characters she has created.

Faris was an exceptional character, and one I'll not soon forget.
"He considered what to take to ease his symptoms: dizziness, clenched stomach, racing heart." ..."Now in addition to his other symptoms Faris was having trouble breathing."

I love how strong these men were, not physically but...to do what's right, to want what is right, to be outraged for the injustices others have suffered. They were strong and brave.
"It seems to me that a man who would own anther, who'd starve him and beat him and leave him to die all alone, tied to a stone--it seems to me a man like that possesses very little honor."

There were a few moments where my heart dropped to my stomach, I won't lie, but the angst wasn't over the top and didn't overshadow the beauty of the story.


Dusho...my soul...

Excellent read, highly recommend!