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Payce's Passion

Payce's Passion - Piper Kay 2.5 stars
I did not read the first book in this series, but I didn't feel lost.
I am in the minority with my rating, and I know that. I don't think this book was bad, I liked the premise, I liked the characters.
However, the writing style was not for me and I found that it just repeatedly pulled me out of the story.
Payce is a good character-owns a Harley, works construction, wears leather and wife beaters, what's not to like? He's also loyal--to a fault.
Braxton was another good character, the lover that was crushed and left behind but is now thriving and good for him for not just immediately rolling over for Payce.
I love Sparky...LOVE him. So adorable and he was probably the most consistent character and the one most vividly described.
Dax and Damien were enjoyable as well, though I realize that I missed their book, I still got a good feel for them.
There was some hotness...
I mean Brax has nipple and cock piercings

So thank you for that.
Oh, and that Harley I mentioned earlier? Yes...there was sex-on-a-bike. Kudos!
While I appreciate the alternating POVs, and I do, it was just the voice of the characters, the constant inner dialogue where I felt I was being told everything and not seeing it or feeling it like I could be. Some of the dialogue was a little awkward as well, especially during the sex scenes and I found some inconsistencies in the characters attitudes and behaviors, but I try not to read too much into those things as they were in a scary and familiar yet unfamiliar situation so perhaps it was called for.
I would not discourage anyone from reading this, it simply didn't work for me.