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Circus of the Damned

Circus of the Damned - Cornelia Grey Buddy Read!
Thanks to my fellow buddy readers, I have serious Circus issues and was afraid to read this alone, but with you guys its like watching with the lights on! So Thanks!

I don't want to spoil, so I will be very careful to stay general.
I like the writing, I really do, I will definitely be reading more from Cornelia Grey, but I have to be honest as well, the first 40% was just not...enough. I guess as far as setting the scene, the first 40% did that, it was dark and damp and creepy and we get an idea of the life Gilbert is living and all that, but I found myself being like--"Let's get to it."
I felt like there were maybe some lost opportunity where things could have been developing between Jesse and Gilbert.
I think that things really hit their stride once we got to see the show. It was amazing, vivid, scary and still...exhilarating, even though I was scared. Ugh...creeeeeepy. But the show really gave us insight into not only the characters, but how Gilbert thought about and saw the characters.
When we get Jesse and Gilbert, I love it. Wish their was more! I feel their connection only in those moments, or when Gilbert is tormenting himself in his head.

The ending wasn't what I thought either, and at first I was looking for a "Wait, what?" gif to post, but then I thought, ya know, I think I'm okay with it. Maybe it was the only way it could end really.
So I did enjoy, just wish it was a little heavier on the romance and connection between the characters, maybe even less overall description of stuff and scenery and more building the relationships between everyone. But seriously, I really liked it, definitely would read more from this author and love all my fellow BR-ers for putting up with my crazy updates. Love you guys!