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Billionaire with Benefits - Anne Tenino 3.5
I think that if you have never read an Anne Tenino book, I wouldn't recommend starting with this one. Now, I know that my tastes are quite different from...well, it seems from everyone else at times, and its not that I didn't like this, but man...it took me a while to get into. (I would recommend 18% Gray!)
You know those times when you're reading and what you're thinking the whole time is "I hope this gets better soon"? Yeah, this was like that...for about the first 32% for me. The good news? It did in fact get better. A lot better. Redeemingly better.
I don't want to sound unsympathetic to those who are manipulated or those who live in fear or who just aren't being who they really are...cuz' man, that sucks and I do feel for those characters...and I do take alcoholism seriously and...okay, you get it, I'm not a heartless bitch is what I'm trying to say, but basically...I think Tierney was really hard to like. I got him, I understood his issues and his coping or defense mechanisms or whatever, but gah...I kinda thought "What a douche bag" for a good portion of the first third, which to be honest, you are supposed to feel that way. He doesn't shy away from that fact. Like Dalton, I could, in fact see the man underneath, the Tierney we would eventually come to adore, but...its hard to watch someone be so shitty to everyone.
Once we got a little further in, though...I did like it. Some things were still strange...Ian and T had a strange relationship.
Dalton was pretty much adorable throughout and I really liked him, He had his own issues to deal with, but I was all for him.
There were things that kind of tickled me, Sam's advice and setting everything up and comparing it to romance novels, T's inner dialogue cuz' he was like a weird horny nerd...
The sex with the exception of like, one instance, was pretty awesome.
I think the author creates interesting characters that really have their own voice and personality, so I'm not in any way trying to say that I didn't enjoy this or that you shouldn't pick it up. Overall, i did like it, it just took me a bit to get there. I will definitely read more Tenino (actually I have to go back and read the first one--Too Stupid To Live)