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Prosperity (A Prosperity Novel)

Prosperity (A Prosperity Novel) - Alexis Hall Thank you to Mel for fangirling until I sat up and took notice. This was so fucking brilliant I don't even know what to say.
I've never read anything quite like this...for me, completely original. I wish I could convey how absurdly amazing Piccadilly's narration is. There have been times I've read a story and been disappointed that I didn't get alternate povs, I wanted, no needed to be in the other character's head or I felt the story was lacking...not here. Dil was...it was perfect.

The characters are really something...first let me ask, where can I find Byron Kae? I need them.

Milord: "...but you could say this about ol' Milord: he weren't no liar. Just a chiv-wielding crimelord with no morals to speak of and not a shred of conscience to give him pause."
Despictable yet I did and will continue to root for him...huh.

Miss Grey: "When Miss Grey weren't getting ratted and lying cross my bed in droop-glimmed pile of muslin, babbling about blasphemous horrors and squamous monstrosities and generally freaking me the fuck out, she'd sit for bleed hours at the desk faffing on with all the fancy brass instruments and squiggling away on bits of paper."
"Excuse me," she went on , all ladylike. "But I need a whore. Or three."
"She claims the opium helps. But the whores are just for fun."

Ah...Ruben...what do I say? Just broke my fucking heart. "'Milord would not murder without cause,' insisted Ruben, which just goes to show how fucking clueless good people can be."

I highlighted too many things. I just...I just loved it. I don't have the words to express my affection for the writing. The moments of intensity between Ruben and Milord are ...gah almost soul-crushing, while at the same time kind of hopeful? I'm going to stop, there are too many thoughts and not enough words. I thoroughly enjoyed and can't wait to read more. Highly recommend.