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Red Moon

Red Moon - Elizabeth   Kelly So....my review didn't save and that pisses me off, so this will be much shorter than my original review.
Things I liked: The paranormal aspect wasn't shoved down my throat. There weren't walls of dialogue or long bland explanations and descriptions, things were how they were and that was it and it worked.
I liked Tristan. He was very sweet and this wasn't even mentioned really, it was in his actions and allowed to speak for itself--well done.
Sofia--could she have been cuter?
Maya and Marshall (though I wasn't sure about Marshall at first.)
Tristan's mother--even when she broke my heart I couldn't hate her.
Avery. Avery was a strong, good character. She could have gotten revenge on those that harmed her and she never did. Her love was obvious and she always thought of the bigger picture without giving into her emotions.
What I didn't care for: people as property--God I hate it! Victoria...ugh...was this harlot even necessary (I mean...she was, but damn it all if I didn't want to hurt her!)
Overall, I really enjoyed it. I would recommend and read more from this author.