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The Riddle of the Sands

The Riddle of the Sands - Geoffrey Knight 3.5

Yeah...so look, I think if you're looking for a realistic story, you should keep on moving, cuz this isn't it. The villain is over the top,

the action is outrageous, it really was like a Bond movie, with some Night at the Museum, Little Shop of Horrors and maybe some Dora the Explorer? Anyhoo...it's just way the hell over the top, so if the crazy action-adventure, saved just in the nick of time, every crazy thing that can go wrong, does--then don't read this.
But after the first, I knew what I was getting into. I did like this, there were times when I laughed when I'm sure I wasn't supposed to, maybe I should have been white-knuckling my Kindle, but I was giggling.
Having said that...there were some moments in there that did, in fact, get me. Emotional moments, sweet moments, sad moments.
I think my biggest complaint with this book was there was so much going on, and there are so many characters and there is so much action, that I felt I was missing some details, I could see the action sequences playing out, but I wanted...idk...I wanted a little more of the characters and their interactions, because when we get them--they're awesome. These guys take good care of each other and have good hearts and ...you see some little romances developing and I want IT!

This one was a little lighter on the sex, I think...just at the beginning and then its all go, go, go, but...well, I'm not even getting into that.
I'm definitely interested in what happens next with Sam, Jake, Daniel, Shane and Luca especially. And Will...God bless Will.
So definitely over the top, action packed, but I did enjoy it. I will keep reading these.