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Wilder's Mate

Wilder's Mate - Moira Rogers 3 stars
I liked it, I wish it was a little longer as I feel like the society and characters were interesting, I would have liked to get a little more depth.
I appreciated that there wasn't chapters an chapters full of world building or anything, the dialogue and situations built the world without long blocks of description.
I liked Satira, she was smart and insecure at times but not stupid or irritating, so that was nice.
Wilder was pretty great, hot but still fairly gentle even when he's tearing ghouls apart.
I would have liked to get a little more of Archer it would have made the betrayal more...important, but maybe we'll get some more of him in the future.
I am interesting in Ophelia and Hunter so we'll see...I"m not in a rush to read the next one, but I'll probably get around to it.