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Gay Dragon Fun Times (Anthro Dragon, Gay Erotica): (Paranormal Sexy Times)

Gay Dragon Fun Times (Anthro Dragon, Gay Erotica): (Paranormal Sexy Times) - Sinn Lee If you don't like M/M, don't read my reviews.

Maybe I shouldn't have read this, not because I think it was awful or anything, but I truly do not know how to rate something 14 pages long. Obviously there is no depth of character, on a glimpse of the who and
I will say, it was better than I thought it would be-of course I had zero expectations. I think I took of a whole star for the excessive use of the word "butt", with only 14 pages to fill, I am quite certain that there were a plethora of unused synonyms and descriptions that were simply overlooked.
Having said that...in all the weirdness, I liked the beginning, and had it been fleshed out, it may have been a pretty decent story. Well...if the main character wasn't an idiot. I mean...the whole "there was something hanging between his legs" was like...wha?
I honestly had no idea what happened when you interrupted a dragon's meditation

Color me surprised...the fact that I could even find that pic says something, though I'm not sure what.
So, I can't tell if I'm taking this too seriously and therefore ruining the fun of reading it or not.
What can I say...
The story was too short and kinda weird but had potential.