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Collision Course

Collision Course - K.A. Mitchell 2.5 stars

Spoilery/ranty--READ at your own risk!!!!
Let me start with I like K A Mitchell, I really do...I've read some of the Baltimore series, heard wonderful things about the Ohio series, but this was just a big ol' miss for me. I could not like Aaron and I tried, I really did. I didn't DNF it so that's something, I guess I was torturing myself to see if Joey would grow a backbone or to see if Aaron would grow the fuck up. Sadly, I don't feel like either of those things happened.
It didn't have the strongest start for me. Straight from the beginning Aaron is an arrogant prick, and Joey is well aware of it as he calls him such several times. Did that stop him from letting Aaron bang his brains out? Nope. So yeah, in the beginning we have Aaron the Arrogant and Joey the Doormat. But I held on, hoping against hope that Aaron would stop being an immature prick. Sadly, my wish did not come true.
Bad, heartbreaking night at work, want to go home and find comfort in your lover/boyfriend/friend?
"What he wanted tonight was to bury all that blood and death inside Joey. Pour it down his throat, fuck it into his ass..." Oh, well that's...sweet? Come cuddle me!

Finding yourself wanting to wake up with him each morning and fall asleep with him each night? Considering asking him to maybe move in?
"I"m tired of tripping over boxes. I hate your bed.You don't have coffee. You can't drive, and I don't want to have to come over here to fuck you." I've been waiting so long for you to ask me to move in...logical, let me pack my bags.

Despite how things may have started, family life can be difficult, we share the stories of our lives with each other because that's what people do in relationships.

"The dentist {talking about Joey's mom here} like to get drilled by random dudes?" WTF?!
We've been seeing each other a while ( really just fucking, but you know what I mean) I've met your family, I see there might be an issue with your brother, can I approach you as an adult and have a grown up conversation? Uh-no of course not, but you have a counseling degree and work for the devil, I mean department of Children and Families.

Joey: "Do you want me here for any reason that doesn't have to do with your dick and my ass?"
Aaron: "And I'm guessing your mouth doesn't count?"
Oh yes, that Aaron, he's a charmer, I'm just swoony and gooey and

Look, I don't expect people to change who they are, I really don't. Its hard to share, I get it, but why be with someone who not only doesn't want to share their life with you, constantly telling you what's off limits (which is everything except sex), is emotionally stunted (really...just put a word to the emotion once in a while, it doesn't make you weak or anything), thinks your job is evil and you are full of shit (I mean you picked up litter-how DARE you!). I just didn't see why Joey wanted this so badly. No sex in the world is worth being treated this poorly.
I think there was a shit ton of potential here, I really do. Especially once the brothers showed up, and Rafe, etc. but I just...
And WTF was up with Noah? Now I didn't read the first one, but him and Joey used to be together and then Noah's boyfriend who he loves and can't live without is out of town and Noah is all "maybe I'm jealous" "do you want me to come over" my boyfriend told me if we have sex to use a condom...Joking? i don't know, but if so, it wasn't a good one.

I think what disappointed me most was that there was so much potential, I could almost see these guys, but they never really handled anything, just got pissed off and had sex. I didn't really see Joey as that "not going to back down" guy, I know it was said a few times in the story, but that's not how I saw him. Nor did I find him to be a manipulative shit either.

There was a TON of sex in this, but I was often too pissed off to enjoy it.

I know lots of people loved the book and I'm glad, it just wasn't for me.