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Home the Hard Way

Home the Hard Way - Z.A. Maxfield This is rather spoilery, and I didn't use spoiler tags, so read at your own risk. I don't flat out say exactly what happened, but you'll get an idea from the review.

Okay, I'm ready...I think. I honestly don't know what to say or how to rate it. It started out five-star-fantastic! I was doing updates constantly because I wanted to share just how much love I had for this book, but then...it changed. At first, I didn't realize just how big a change was happening, and although bothered I was like, okay, I can deal. But then I couldn't. And I don't know if its only my issue with the whole BDSM thing, the D/s, master/humiliation thing or if it was that and the fact that it just flipped everything. Maybe that was the point. Maybe the whole point was that Dare's perspective was not reliable, he didn't know Finn like he thought. Ugh...I just don't know. But D/s, Finn's whole attitude towards sex...I wanted to vomit...after I slapped the shit out of him. Again--totally aware that that is MY issue.
I liked the idea, Dare fucking up, coming home, trying to figure out what happened, who he is, etc. I was just so completely thrown and then heartbroken and pissed about the turn that I did not enjoy the rest of it unfortunately.
I was screaming "RED!" But alas...no one listened. I don't know how I feel about any of the side characters either, except for Lyddie cuz she's awesome. Maybe that was the point.
I don't know. I love the author and will continue to read more, but I gotta look out for those damn BDSM tags.