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Bad Company

Bad Company - K.A. Mitchell I read the second one of the series first and I'm glad. I wasn't really feeling this one. Both characters pissed me off, I wanted to shake both of them for the way they acted or reacted, and for their failure to get over themselves and see the other persons' perspective. They were both self-centered. THey had a soft spot for each other, and weren't bad people in general, just...self-centered, in an obnoxious way.
There were parts I did enjoy of course, and it was lovely to see Eli, because I love him.
The idea isn't the most original or plausible, but I don't care about that, honestly, I just couldn't get into Kellan or Nate...idk
I will keep up with the series because I know that I enjoyed the next one, and I will continue to read more from this author, as I enjoy most of them. This was just a miss for me.