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Turbulence - Lyn Gala I think...4 stars
I will be perfectly honest, at first, I was not feeling this. Ugh, Jacqs, I was like
he was just hella obnoxious...and yes, maybe I was being a little judgmental because he's not exactly the sharpest tool in the shed. But he grew on me, he really did and I got to where, well...I understood his logic. More than understood, hell I agreed with him most times. He was honest and straight forward and yeah, maybe not that bright, but there is something to be said for being hard working and matter-of-fact about things. I loved Zeke, right from the start I adored him. He wasn't the stuck up prick that their other CO was, he was funny and sweet and he really saw Jacqs. The side characters were okay, loved Grah and Lacroix, the rest were kinda meh, but I don't think I was supposed to be particularly taken with any of them.
I liked that Jac and Zeke were self-aware, they knew their faults, their strengths, their motivations for their actions.
I love the whole military feel of it...soldiers are my thing. This had some really hard moments, as anything dealing with any kind of war does, and I think the author handled all of it very well, from the fear to the denial and inexperience to frustration and sadness. There were moments that just broke my heart.
There was some definite heat in here too! Those sparring matches between my guys!

especially since the sparring usually led to fuckin!
There were some things I didn't care for...some of the language used was weird, but its a sci-fi book so *shrugs*, on that same note some of the dialogue. I did like that there was an actual story, it wasn't just these two guys.
Overall, I enjoyed it. This is my second book by this author and I will definitely read more.