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Line and Orbit

Line and Orbit - Sunny Moraine, Lisa Soem 4.5 stars
Absolutely fabulous. I've been in a bit of a weird mood, because I used to swear that I was not into any sci-fi related books...but that is no longer true. This was such a well told and beautiful story. So many things that I loved about it. The characters were wonderful and unforgettable and full of honor and sacrifice and (as Nick has recently reminded me) decency. There were times when I almost felt that I couldn't quite grasp it, like it was just out of reach, I almost had it, but I realized, I was just really living through Adam. I felt it all, Ying's hands pressing into him, his guilt and loneliness, desire and confusion. It was wonderful. Lochlan was a hell of guy, brash and rude, but so loyal, so...sensitvie really. Kae...oh, just loved him, he was so...the guy you wish was your best friend, the guy you hope someone you love ends up with. Spectacular.
I must say that even though this is M/M romance, the romance is rather secondary, very small in actuality, though it is always there, rumbling under the surface, you are aware of the characters and their sensitivity to each other, when Adam is scanning the crowd for Lock, you realize that you were too. They didn't move and react the way I wanted them to...I wanted more, but they couldn't be rushed, it wouldn't have been genuine.
Adam is ill and cast out of his world for his imperfection and there is a lot to be said about the Protectorate and their absolute arrogance in the pursuit of creating a perfect race of people. But even though there is atrocity, even though they are arrogant and well wrong, there is still a bit of honor to them as well. With one exception. I won't go into that.
I think this was just brilliantly written and such a beautiful story. I will read anything from these authors as I was just really touched.

"'Adam' he breathed, leaning in again, lips close to Adam's, hot to cold and trembling. 'Please...come back.' Don't leave me alone like this. Let me see that you know me one more time. Because it matters, what we know."