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Falling - M.L. Rhodes I think...man, there were parts that I loved and parts that were incredibly eye-roll worthy for me and unfortunately not much in between. It was definitely interesting enough for me to want to finish, I like magic and paranormal stuff and cops and when the best friends are fun and the story isn't so convoluted that you can't figure out what the hell is going on. There were no twists or surprises in here and that was fine.

There was insta-attraction, which, hey happens I guess. I think the dreams (and oh, I did really really like the dreams) were meant to make the connection between the MCs stronger, but honestly there just wasn't enough time and on page interaction for me to really feel it. Maybe it was a magical thing, but it went from insta-attraction, to off the charts lust to *cringe* "love". Again, maybe the magic and the pull was supposed to be a big part of that, I don't know.
I liked the back story with Drew, there were times when I wanted Alec to shut the hell up about him because I felt like he was comparing, but I did understand the guilt and the sadness and all of that. Christian does come across as a guy that isn't just attracted, but he appreciates the qualities in Alec, so that's nice. And both of them are compassionate and sweet.
But it was almost awkward at times maybe. It happened so fast and they love each other and its sex, sex, sex (which admittedly can is realistic for the beginning of a relationship sometimes) but it just didn't seem to fit at points. I mean, if I found out all the stuff Alec just did and was recovering from almost being killed a few times, I might...I don't know, have questions or want to talk or something. The story was cute, the characters were good, the sex (dreams) were hotness (well [SHOW SPOILER] , but it was just a little too fast and a little too awkward.
I would read more from this author though, no question.