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Chasing Smoke

Chasing Smoke - K.A. Mitchell 3.5
Apparently I can't remember how to post because my review is gone.
So I'll do the short version this time.
It was okay, better than average but yes I am having trouble rustling up any real enthusiasm.
As the blurb states-Danny has a boyfriend when all this starts *My Marco Warning* Danny does kiss Trey while still with Scott but it wasn't particularly passionate or anything. It was more angry and awkward imo.
Danny was my problem. He just...exhausted me. He infuriated me. He would take fantastic moments and just ruin them with his bullshit and I don't really understand what the fuck his problem was other than being immature and stubborn. I was telling him to get over it. He didn't listen to me *smh*
Anyhow, I liked Trey, wasn't sure I would, but I did. I liked Ginny, too, she had some good lines in there.
Overall, I just didn't get it. I didn't understand what was tethering these guys, I would have had no problem walking away. SO I guess, issues or not, there wasn't a strong emotional connection that I could feel that made their roller coaster worth it.
The mystery/crime too was odd, perhaps more odd than the relationship and despite being told that it was this or that, I didn't feel the urgency.
I will read more from this author but don't think I would specifically recommend this one.