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The Gentleman and the Lamplighter

The Gentleman and the Lamplighter - Summer Devon This was just so-so for me. I think it had the potential to be a lot more, but it kind of fell short.
It would have been a cute little story if not for the heavy dollop of melancholy. I don't mean to sound insensitive-Giles was having a rough go of it and that was sad. And even that Wool took his own life was sad but I felt the constant reminders of Wool painted everything gray. I was sad for Giles but at the same time the more he mentioned Wool, the less I liked Wool. I recognize that a lot of it was just the situation they were in...what they wanted wasn't "acceptable", but hell and damnation if that wasn't...I don't know...3 lives were fucked up ya know? And Wool lost his...by his own hand and all, but idk.
John was a fun character, I liked him a lot. I was kind of picturing Dick Van Dyke from Mary Poppins...did that happen to anyone else? *shrugs* He was fun and sweet and if it had been up to him, we probably would have gotten a lot more steam. His past with his wife was interesting and sweet.
I would have enjoyed this more I think if it were a bit longer. There was so much more to know, and while I guess we got an HEA...or was it HFN? I don't know...it wasn't solid enough for me. I mean, at the end, Giles and John are in bed (--after a fade to black --ugh--) and he brings up Wool. Again. And how they were never contented and he just wants to be happy and John knows how to do that. huh...not exactly the declaration I was hoping for.
Overall, a decent quick read.