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Going the Distance

Going the Distance - John  Goode I don't know how to link it but I HIGHLY recommend y'all read Julie's review
So 5 star fabulous!
In general I have to say that I think its remarkable that John can create such life-like characters, they are so real. I love them like friends/children, etc.
Danny was too adorable. I loved that he was awkward and shy and sweet. My heart broke for him on more than one occasion. I wanted to defend him and protect him and yes, there were a few times when I wanted to shake him. I think that's the measure of great writing--feeling the entire rainbow of emotions, that's what real life is like. I think this one hit me a little different than the others I have read, I think someone else--maybe Julie? mentioned this as well...that as a mom, this is tough to read.
It's especially hard to read about a child feeling like they have disappointed their parent or that their parent is disappointed because of who they are and the intense desire to just be anything other than who you are for fear that you will let someone down, or have to give up something you love or just in general be shunned. It kind of took a toll on my poor little heart. Danny's dad, though at first a real ...ugh...turned out to be pretty fantastic. And Nate...gah! Where can I find one of him? Absolute best kind of friend to have, just loved it.
I think readers will definitely run through every possible emotion when reading this, but even when disappointed in Danny's decisions--and he made a few I wasn't fond of, you still love him and want him to be happy.
The cliffy's are KILLING me John! KILLING ME!!! Have you no sympathy for momo?

Waiting patiently for the continuation.