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Safe in His Arms

Safe in His Arms - Renae Kaye
So, I think I'm going with 3.5 stars...but it isn't solid, I don't know. I did like the book, I would recommend the book, but something about it was missing and a little off for me. This happens to me quite often, people 5 star love something and I just don't, so ya know, ignore me.
I really liked the characters. I thought Lon was great! He was this big burly dude, but wow...what a sweetie, and he takes such good care of Casey.
I did like Casey, I really did and I felt badly for him and wanted to hurt the people that had hurt him, but I kinda felt like sometimes his behavior solidified the whole age-difference fear thing. I mean, lying about your age?!
Paul turned out to be pretty great too, even considering the whole screwed up love life thing, but he was a really good friend to Lon.
Ash and Devon...all I can say is---I hope their book is next!!!! I mean...shit, I hope the book is about them--you with me? Anyhoo.
There was tons of drama in here without it being well, overly dramatic. I mean, they had their past and their issues, but it wasn't some heavy-can't-hardly-breathe story. It had some very sweet moments.
moments where you just look and go, yup they so totally belong together.
Its cute to watch the evolution of them, too. At first Casey just wants to feel safe, he just wants to be able to sleep. Casey wakes up parts in Lon that he felt were gone forever-creating a "home", giving him something to look forward to, and Lon treats Casey like no one else, like is a sane, mature, able adult. Too adorable.

Towards the end of the book, things kind of fell apart for me.
I'm looking at you Lon

I think this might be one of those times when I drag my personal shit into a story and let it affect me. I was not only pissed at Lon, but then disappointed about how Casey handled it. I think someone else touched on the fact that at the end its like bam, bam, bam. Its all this happened, then this, then this...for like a couple pages.
Overall, I enjoyed. They are well written and well developed characters. They compliment each other in a way that makes you dreamy sigh and had good side characters. I would recommend. I will be reading the next--there had better be a next!!!