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Tucker's Claim

Tucker's Claim - Sarah McCarty 3.5 stars I think.
I do actually really like this series, and I will continue it. There were some things that bothered me about this one.
There is the typical stuff like the blatant racism, sexism and general ugh-ness of the time period but there was other stuff that bothered me too.
Most annoying: "Thee" and "thy" I wanted to just scream, I tried to train myself to replace the "thee" with you but I couldn't trick my brain. Its awful.
Less annoying but still irritating: Sally Mae's pacifist mentality. Now, I'm not saying she should be blood thirsty, or that there's anything wrong with being a pacifist, I'm all for peace and all, but she crossed idealism into denial of reality. That was irritating.
I did like Tucker, I liked her and Tucker together. I liked seeing the other characters and that Sally had some issues with who she was and her place in the world/society. She was strong and smart, except when she was being naive and stupid.
There was hotness. Mixed with sweetness.
Things kind of fell apart a bit for me there at the end.
Overall, I enjoyed and will continue with the series.