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Bright Star

Bright Star - Talia R. Blackwood BR wit Julie, Elsbeth, and Marte

This was weird. I liked it, but there were some things that kind of bothered me about it, too.
There seemed to be an inconsistency when it came to Phae and his pov, which is what bothered me the most because he was so lovely and I enjoyed him so much.

The beginning was great. Described with vivid details without being boring. I felt the isolation, loneliness, and melancholy.
And then it got exciting. Like the kind of edge of your seat, "ohmigod, what's going to happen!?" exciting. I was anxious and yes, a little scared.
And then we switched povs. I am really glad we got both povs. Prince was a different kind of cat, completely different from Phae. He had a history, a not so pretty one, and he adored Phae, too. He had his own loneliness and sadness
"And there are many people, yes, but even in the midst of so many people, you can feel alone like you're in a desert. And you can't find someone special, someone who save you from that emptiness, if you can't find even yourself."

But here is also where this book started to lose me.
I was torn between wanting to like and giggle at the awkwardness of talking and teaching someone who has been completely alone for the last 10 years and who has only known one other person their whole life about sex, and being kind of pissed off at Prince for being an opportunistic bastard taking advantage of Phae's affection. And awkward it was! And for being completely innocent, Phae's a hellofa quick learner. And he's got stamina my friends!
They were still kind of cute, though
"Shit, I should have been gentle with you." Prince strokes my cheek with his knuckles. "I couldn't resist. I'm sorry."
"I'm not so sorry."
And it was peppered with such sweetness and affection that I couldn't stay upset for too long.
Side note: [SHOW SPOILER]

I'm not going to get into where the story goes other than to say that my emotions were all over the place, I was sad and scared, hopeful, pissed off, distraught, frustrated, and grateful. Jeez.

My biggest disappointment was Phae's inconsistency. In the beginning, he has a very specific voice and a very specific way of thinking and communicating. There were times that it changed and it seemed uncharacteristic enough to kind of pull me out of the story and for me to be like, "I don't think that sounds like him."

So there were things that bothered me and a few times I felt I got pulled out of the story, quirking a quizzical brow, but overall I liked it. It was different and interesting and I wanted to know what would happen and I was rooting not just for our MCs but for other characters as well. I don't know if the time-frames and suspended animation stuff even make sense...*shrugs*