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She Can Tell

She Can Tell - Melinda Leigh 3.5
There were things about this novel that I really appreciated, some things that feel short and some things that bothered me. Overall, I enjoyed the story, I like this author, I will continue with this series.
Things that bothered me:

The blatant corruption. Now, I'm not so naive as to believe these things don't happen, I know they do, but damn, can you at least try to hide it? Its as if forensics, witness statements and basic police procedures cannot hold up next to the word of a couple of rich guys. I had some trouble believing these small town fries could have that much power.
Rachel. Oh dear, what to say about Rachel. Look, I like strong women, I do, but there is a point where you take it too far and you are no longer being strong and independent, but have crossed over into obstinate and stupid land. She crossed. A few times.
Things that fell flat
The fear. In stalker stories, especially those that include the pov of said stalker, I expect to be significantly creeped out, like it should be added to my "turn on the lights, hide under the covers" shelf. This sadly did not scare me. I was creeped out at parts and grossed out at others, but never really scared.
The romance. Oh my did I want to feel this, mostly because I consider Mike to be fantastically fantastic, but it fell short for me also. I blame Rachel, she never seemed as invested, or maybe I simply wasn't as invested in her.
Things I appreciated
A large suspect pool. I'm suspicious of everyone by nature, so I appreciate a book that makes that personality flaw seem justifiable. I did figure it out at one point, but it took me a good while to get there, I waffled. I like something I can't immediately figure out. There were still a couple of surprises in there.
Mike wasn't super-man super-cop. He had failed, he struggled, he pushed himself too hard, he had issues. I adored him!
Rachel's fear of turning into her mother. That was probably the most genuine thing I got from her and pretty much the only thing that garnered any sympathy from me.
Overall, worth the read, I will read more from this author and continue the series. For fans of this genre, I would also recommend Cynthia Eden.