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Liberty and Other Stories

Liberty and Other Stories - Alexis Hall I didn't want this to end.
I don't want this to be the end.
Milord and Ruben, there is so much more I need to know! Their relationship is so intense and agonizing and...hot! Milord is a difficult character, really quite the scoundrel but I so root for him anyway and its not entirely for Ruben's benefit.
Jane's story was cleverly done as far as the letters and the little hints and slow unraveling.
But Byron Kae is really where its at. One of my all time favorite characters ever written. Their story is sad and lonely and pissed me off, but I loved it. I was so happy that they and Dil finally got together--though I could have used more descriptions in that area
The last story was different for me. Not for the first time, my thoughts aligned perfectly with Dil's.
I hope there will be more. I haven't gotten enough.